Wellspring of Life Church

Perseverance in Obedience - Jeremiah 37:11-17; 38:4-6;14-18

March 25, 2018

In Hebrews 6:19 hope is called an "anchor for the soul", what a tremendous image, the picture of an anchor giving security and stability to a ship in a midst of a storm, hope does that for us and more. (Romans 5:2-5) We can remain steadfast, trusting God through present difficulties and pains because we know the outcome. Only with a secure hope rooted in the faithfulness of God will we be able to weather the storms of life...it is our total confidence that Christ will complete the work He began in us that enables us to persevere over a lifetime. Without hope, people give up. The Christian life must not only be empowered by faith; it must also be sustained by hope. 

By Bill Middleton